Note: The Christmas Market is by invitation only and is not open to the public.

The Christmas season brings the opportunity to reach out to our neighbors in need. The 5th annual Christmas Market at Sacred Heart will transform our own Academy gymnasium into a winter wonderland shopping center for area families who have received a personal invitation to attend. Here adults will be able to select from new toys donated by people like you. Substantially reduced prices will enable parents to purchase toys at affordable rates, allowing them the dignity of providing special gifts for their children with the assistance of a caring community.

How Can YOU Help? Donate or Volunteer!


Donate new, quality toys for children 1-17 years old. Please do not wrap the gifts. Gifts should be brought to  church by November 26. Too busy to shop? Make a contribution or donate a gift card to Meijer, Kohls, or Walmart and we will do the shopping for you! Simply place an envelope marked “Christmas Market” in the collection basket.

  • Because our goal is to provide quality toys at affordable prices, we request that your donated gift have a retail price of at least $10 or more. 
  • As these families may come from different ethnic backgrounds, think of this when purchasing dolls and such.

DONATION IDEAS: Remember, kids from the invited families want the same toys your kids and grandkids want!

  • INFANT: infant-appropriate toys.
  • EARLY CHILDHOOD: Little Tikes® toys; Fisher Price® toys; baby dolls and furnishings; table/chair sets; Dublo® blocks; tool sets; wagons; learning games.
  • ELEMENTARY: sports equipment; Lego® sets; Shopkins®; art/craft kits; dolls & accessories; action figures; remote-controlled vehicles; tool/science kits; Matchbox® cars & road sets; NERF toys.
  • TEEN: art supplies; drones; sports equipment; college and pro-sport logo items; hair dryers/flat irons/curling irons; nail polish.


We are in need of volunteers to register with the parish office to help with:

  • pricing items (starting the week after Thanksgiving)
  • set-up on December 6
  • Event Day Volunteers (wrapping, crafts, refreshments, clean-up, and more!) on December 9 from 9am-1pm.