Dr. Anthony Esolen reflects on his visit to Sacred Heart Academy

Sacred Heart Academy was given a glowing write-up at the fabulous Catholic web magazine Crisis in an article by Dr. Anthony Esolen.

Here’s a snippet, in which Dr. Esolen reflects on the value of a classical education:

A classical curriculum is simply the liberal arts, the free-making arts, revived; it is a return to a love for goodness, truth, and beauty. It is not vampires and modern dystopias, with two or three inoculations of a half-dead Shakespeare virus—plays read apart from the tradition of English poetry, and apart from history and culture, so as to ensure that students will hate them, or be frustrated by them, or reduce them into something “modern” and forgettable. It is good poetry, good fiction, good songs, beautiful art, noble (or sometimes admonitory) history, clear grammar, clear logic, careful geography, a strong memory, facility with numbers, and always a glance toward the stars.

Read the full article here: “A Parish School Turns Failure into Success” –Crisis Magazine

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